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An offshore company may be of interest to a great number of people and it may be used for various activities:

  • Businessmen:
    Creating an offshore company allows you to begin an activity without having to deal with the set-up of a complicated infrastructure. An offshore company allows you to quickly create a stable structure with a simple administration and enjoy all the benefits of the offshore jurisdiction.

  • Commerce over the Internet (E-Commerce) :
    Internet traders can use an offshore company to maintain a domain name and to manage Internet sites. An offshore company might be ideal for people whose business is on the Internet. You might choose to incorporate the registered office of your company in an offshore jurisdiction to take advantage of the various benefits offered by these jurisdictions.

  • Consultants / Counsellors:
    You can also carry on your consultancy or counselling business through an offshore company. You will find it easier to manage your company, while being registered in a stable jurisdiction and benefiting from all the strengths of this jurisdiction.

  • International business:
    International commerce can be carried out through an offshore company. It will handle purchases and sales operations. Aura can also arrange for obtaining a VAT number for companies that we register in Kingdom of  Thailand.

  • Holding intellectual property rights

  • Any kind of intellectual property right (a patent or trade mark) may be registered in the name of an offshore company. The company may also buy or sell this type of right. It may also grant rights of use to third parties against payments.

  • For the custody of movable and immovable property:
    Offshore companies are used to hold both movable property (such as yachts) and immovable property (such as houses and buildings). In addition to confidentiality, the benefits and advantages they offer include exemption from certain types of taxes (e.g. inheritance tax). It should be noted, however, that some countries do not allow the acquisition of movable/immovable property through offshore structures and therefore those wishing to form an offshore structure are advised to check with a competent authority before proceeding.

  • For inheritance purposes:
    An offshore firm that always stays afloat (provided all costs associated with running it are paid) may, in some countries, be used in relation to inheritance tax laws. With a view to optimising inheritance tax liability, the offshore structure may also be combined with a trust or a foundation.

  • Stockbroker/forex:
    Offshore companies are very often used for share or foreign exchange transactions. The transactions may for instance be performed with an account opened under a company name.

Aura Solution Company Limited wishes to make you aware that you ought to liaise with a tax or legal advisor in your country of residence before setting up an offshore company.for more information feel free to contact us .


  • Flexibility

    You can choose to open an international bank account in one of three major currencies, dollar, sterling and euro, and hold these funds in Kingdom of Thailand . Our offshore locations could offer you financial planning advantages.

  • Easy to keep up-to-date

    With access to international online and telephone banking, you can check your account at a time that suits you. Aura Mobile Banking is also available for sterling accounts.*

  • International Payments

    Use your account to make quick secure International Payments, and trade in up to 60 different currency pairs.

  • Access your money worldwide

    Use ATMs worldwide, wherever you see the Visa sign, using the Sterling contactless debit card. No notice is needed for withdrawals.

  • Overdraft options available

    You can also apply for an overdraft facility on your International Bank account.

  • International Banking

    Once you have opened an account, you can benefit from our secure banking technology, access to Aura Advisers, Treasury Team and Service Executives who are ready to offer support to any International Banking client.


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