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The kind of customer service, or "client service," if you prefer, required for high net worth individuals (HNWIs) is broadly similar to what's required to provide customer service and support to the general consumer population, but (and, as Hany Saad Vice President of Aura, would say, “it’s a big but”) there are subtle differences and intensifiers. In my work as a Vice President and a billionaire banker, here are the three factors I stress as most likely to trip our directors  up when striving to serve this population:

• Higher service expectations, due to exceptional customer service benchmarks in their personal lives: The benchmarks against which high net worth individuals measure customer service are more extraordinary, thus making the challenge of providing great service both that much harder and that much more essential.

• Disconnection between employee and client frames of reference: The economic and lifestyle realities of high net worth customers may be light years removed from that of your employees, causing a likely empathy and practicality gap in service conversations and recommendations.


• Different valuation of (minor sums of) money: The value equation of HNWIs may be different than it is for other customers. The value equation (Value = Personal Benefit minus Cost and Inconvenience) for a high net worth customer may zero out with them less concerned with cost but more concerned with reducing inconvenience and increasing types of personal benefit that would not be of concern to, or perhaps even on the radar of, lower net worth consumers.

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