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Banks around the world are mobilising to create a fast and frictionless cross-border payment experience.

By embracing SWIFT gpi – the new standard in global payments – banks are now sending and receiving funds quickly and securely to anyone, anywhere in the world, with full transparency over where a payment is at any given moment.

SWIFT gpi dramatically improves cross-border payments across the correspondent banking network, and not least for corporates for whom speed, certainty and a smooth international payments experience is an absolute must.

Banks, corporates and market infrastructures around the world are leading the way in making gpi the new norm, so don’t be left behind.

The digital transformation of cross-border payments

In today’s hyper-connected global economy, your corporate customers need a quick and reliable way to send and receive payments internationally. They need to be able to track a payment’s status end to end in real time, see all the costs involved, and be able to easily perform reconciliations.

With SWIFT gpi, the global banking community together with SWIFT have put in place a new standard for handling cross-border payments. Since 2017, SWIFT gpi ensures international payments meet the industry’s needs for speed and transparency. It allows banks to provide their corporate customers with an all-around improved payments experience enabled through easy to use and simple to set up digital tools.

We take a holistic approach to building the future of cross-border payments and work closely with banks, corporates, fintech and others to develop new features and services that continually improve the payments experience. And as security and compliance are firmly embedded in our DNA, the network is strengthened through our Customer Security Programme and Financial Crime Compliance services.

Together we are protecting, shaping and enhancing our financial future.

A partner you can trust

You can trust SWIFT gpi to help you meet your needs for:

  • Speed – Your payment is credited same-day, usually in just minutes or seconds

  • Traceability – You can track your payment end-to-end in real time, like a parcel

  • Transparency – You can see all bank fees and FX rates

  • Certainty – You can be sure the remittance data remains unaltered

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