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SWIFT gpi for


Fast, traceable and transparent cross-border payments

As a corporation, we understand your reliance on efficient cross-border payments processing – with speed, certainty and fee transparency all key elements to running effective treasury and cash management processes.

Today, SWIFT gpi has transformed the cross-border payments experience for corporations, enabling you to reduce payment investigations, improve supplier relationships, speed up invoice reconciliation and ultimately achieve greater capital efficiencies.

The service is now live with over 100 billion USD sent every day via gpi – so you can already benefit from the service through live gpi member banks. SWIFT gpi already accounts for over 30% of total SWIFT end-to-end cross-border payments and will be the standard for all such payments by the end of 2020. 

Track your cross-border payments in real-time

SWIFT gpi transforms your ability to track and trace your cross-border payments. Via your bank, the gpi Tracker allows you to track the status of your cross-border payments in real-time, like a parcel.

Armed with an end-to-end view on your outgoing payments, you can dramatically reduce your bank payment enquiries and be certain that your end-customers have been credited. And, thanks to the payment traceability offered by the gpi Tracker, you can also improve your cash forecasting and optimise your liquidity.

Fast, transparent and trackable payments

Enabling treasury efficiencies

As a corporate treasurer, once you have sent cross-border payment instructions to your bank, you typically have no sight on what actually happens with that demand or the final amount credited to the beneficiary. This can lead to problems with suppliers or end-customers and increase financial risks resulting from payment delays.

Today, SWIFT gpi has transformed treasurers’ cross-border payments experience, by:

  • Enabling end beneficiaries to be credited in minutes

  • Allowing payments to be tracked from start to finish, like a parcel

  • Offering transparency on bank fees & FX rates;

  • Ensuring remittance data remains unaltered

With SWIFT gpi your cross-border payments processing will become much more efficient, shortening your supply cycles, speeding up your critical payments to minutes and reducing your exposure to FX risks. For the first time you will have a real-time, end-to-end, view on your cross-border payments flows, allowing to improve also your cash forecasting and optimize your liquidity. And gpi enables your banks to send you a confirmation notice when the money reaches your recipient’s account – providing certainty that the beneficiary has been credited.

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