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The new standard for cross-border payments

The new standard for

cross-border payments

Transform your customers’ cross-border payment experience by delivering truly fast payments that are fully trackable from end to end.

SWIFT gpi is based on existing messaging standards and bank payment processing systems, making it quick and cost-effective to adapt to the new norm.

Through gpi, banks enhance their relevance within the fast-evolving international payments ecosystem by delivering immediate value to end customers. Additionally, gpi increases efficiencies for bank payment operational teams while reducing overall cost.

Built as a suite of cloud-based tools, SWIFT gpi allows you to track payments, monitor adherence to SLAs, and consult information related to your gpi member bank counterparties all in one place. It’s that easy.

Delivering added-value

With more than 100 billion USD in messages being sent every day, SWIFT gpi is enabling payments to be credited to end beneficiaries within minutes and even seconds.

SWIFT gpi has a range of features that deliver added-value to both your bank and your customers. 

The gpi Tracker

In today’s world, customers expect greater transparency. When they send a payment, they want to know what is happening with it and when it has been received. Until now, this has not been possible in cross-border payments as each bank has only been able to guarantee and share information on its own leg of the payment.

SWIFT gpi now enables banks to provide end-to-end payments tracking to their customers. The SWIFT Tracker – ‘in the cloud’ and securely hosted at SWIFT –  gives end-to-end visibility on the status of a payment transaction from the moment it is sent right up to when it is confirmed.

SWIFT gpi banks are able to log in to the Tracker to instantly check the status of the payments sent, in progress and received. They can even improve their liquidity management by having visibility on initiated payments already on their way.

The Tracker can be updated by FIN message or via API. It can be accessed via a graphic user interface (GUI) and also via API calls to allow the service to be embedded in other back-office systems.

The gpi Observer Insights

SWIFT’s Business Intelligence gpi Observer Insights monitors your adherence to the gpi rulebook – the ‘business rules’.

Gpi banks can quickly pinpoint areas for improvement and work collaboratively towards better implementation of SLAs.

Also, with Observer Insights, all gpi banks have a global view of other gpi banks’ adherence to these SLAs.

Through these business insights, it is easier to have fact-based discussions with your correspondents, to select new payment routings and explore opportunities to develop new ones. 

Leverage SWIFT expertise for a smooth implementation

SWIFT gpi – the new standard in global payments – substantially increases the speed and ease of execution of cross-border transactions for banks, corporates and market infrastructures. Sending and receiving funds becomes faster and more secure, with full transparency of the payment status across the correspondent network. 

Now is the time to join gpi and our SWIFT Professional Services experts will help you through the process.


What can we do for you?

Each new gpi customer benefits from our mandatory on boarding service that builds on our expertise to make the implementation straightforward and clear.


Our SWIFT gpi on boarding specialists will work with you to define the best approach based on your organisation’s individual requirements.


What can you expect?

You will be supported all the way from developing the business case, through to project initiation, implementation, go-to-market and beyond. Our experts will use their extensive knowledge of SWIFT gpi implementation to help you define the most efficient processes for your organisation and shorten time to market.


You will benefit from our experience in assessing and mitigating the risks associated with the transformation to ensure a smooth transition.

Benefits at a glance

You will benefit from:


  • A one-stop shop for end-to-end SWIFT gpi on boarding support

  • Off-the-shelf and customisable services to match your requirements

  • Guidance on how to promote the value of SWIFT gpi to your corporate clients

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