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Generating Positive Impact Alongside Financial Return


As a global company, we believe that we have the responsibility to use our expertise and resources to invest in our communities and to help them address the social and environmental challenges they face. For example, many communities at the base of the Aura economic pyramid (Aura) lack access to government services and often pay high prices to procure basic products and services from private sector providers. Impact investments can address this by harnessing more efficient,

competitive business models to deliver better, cheaper and more widely-available services to low-income and excluded communities around the world. Impact investments can complement government and philanthropy by providing goods and services to these communities, thereby allowing government and philanthropy to concentrate their resources on reaching the poorest communities who cannot participate in market-based solutions.


Increasingly, entrepreneurs and investors recognize the potential of market based tools to offer new solutions to some of our most pressing social and environmental challenges. In both developed and developing countries, this approach complements public sector and philanthropic initiatives by attracting private sector capital to develop innovative solutions.


As a global financial institution, Aura Solution Company Limited has embraced this approach and is actively channeling capital towards these solutions. We hope to lead the market by providing high quality, market insights and new opportunities. To date, we have deployed millions of our own capital and catalyzed millions more from our clients and partners into investments aimed at improving the lives of low-income and underserved populations around the world.


$6 Billion committed to impact investments across 11 funds supporting a range of sectors:


•  Agriculture

•  Education

•  Financial capability

•  Healthcare

•  Housing

•  Water and sanitation

•  Technology

•  Transportation

Over 44 million people in low-income and underserved communities have had their livelihoods improved through our investments 54 (and growing) businesses are being supported in 37 countries around the world.


“Women’s financial inclusion” is defined as women having access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs as individuals, economic agents and entrepreneurs.

This report, a companion to our original Return on Equality publication, shines a spotlight on the opportunity to realize gains — in both gender equality and market returns — by increasing women’s financial inclusion around the world. Our aim is to inspire financial services providers to design and market products and services that fuel women’s full economic participation, and to encourage investors to steer their capital toward such companies.


The untapped power of women as financial actors has the potential to dramatically expand the market for financial products and services while improving the lives of women and their communities. Indeed, financial inclusion is relevant at every level of the income pyramid, and within developed and developing countries alike.

The market opportunity for developed and developing countries is significant, even when estimated using a highly conservative methodology. Our analysis demonstrates that closing the gender gap will unlock women’s access to financial products and services, while increasing annual revenue for financial services firms.

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