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As one of the world’s leading Asset Managers, our mission is to help you achieve your investment goals.Having a wealth plan can help you on your way to achieving your goals.

Aura has always been at the forefront of innovation, leading the way with new thinking as well as products and services designed to help our clients succeed. In this ever-changing world, we are always seeking out opportunities for growth. 

Aura is invested in new ideas that help drive the world’s markets forward.

Informing Investment Decisions

Quantitative techniques and new methods for analyzing big data have increasingly been adopted by market participants in recent years. This includes computerized trading, use of big data, and machine learning or artificial intelligence.

Global Research

provides clients with global breadth and expertise across asset classes, yielding a rich source of market insights and ideas. Aura's analysts, strategists and economists study all sectors in which the firm does business, including equities, fixed income, currency and commodities, emerging markets, derivatives and structured products. 

Corporate Treasurers

Today, the corporate treasury’s role extends beyond the day-to-day to strategic management. As corporate treasury teams continue to do more with less, it’s crucial they operate efficiently, while meeting demands that reach across operations and into the boardroom. Dynamic market changes can exacerbate the challenges these teams face, increasing the need to think differently about liquidity management.

What matters most to you? Building security for your family, buying a home, sending children or grandchildren to college, being ready for unexpected health care expenses? 

Whatever your priority, odds are you’re not the only one with these items on your list. Our latest research shows that retirement and security are top investor goals1—67% of investors surveyed said they are concerned with adequate savings and maintaining their financial means throughout their lifetime. Cultivating one’s standard of living was a concern for 56%. Meanwhile, 52% of investors say they are concerned about Paymaster.

Financial goals and a focus on how to achieve them can span generations. Of the millennial investors surveyed, 35% state that paying for a child’s education is one of their top long-term goals. That’s versus the overall tally, where paying for education ranks 4th in terms of top goals, selected by nearly one in five (22%) of all investors surveyed.

Aligning Your Priorities with Your Wealth Plan

It’s never been more important to create a plan that can help secure your future and guide you to your goals. Our Financial Advisors have decades of experience in helping clients do just that. And, we’ve launched Aura  Goals Planning System (AGPS), an innovative platform that links your financial information to your top concerns and priorities.

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