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Aura’s approach to real estate investing comes from our understanding of the cyclical nature of real estate and financial markets, a commitment to a long- term value creation philosophy, and a solid financial and operational expertise.


Our methodology is based on the vertical integration of asset, property and facility management activities.


The Jeeranont

Enhancing developer growth strategy

Advising on urban planning, sale of land, infrastructure, and commercial and residential real estate to generate a 20-fold revenue increase in 5 years for a leading Thailand new-city developer.

We choose dynamic markets where we invest in high quality assets deemed undervalued that offer yield improvements opportunities and substantial capital appreciation potential. Our goal is to add value through active asset management by focusing on our operations-oriented approach.

Our track record proves that we are able to deliver value by concentrating on real estate fundamentals such as acquisition, development, construction, facilities management, and financing.

Our investment vehicles provide investors with access to core, value-add and opportunistic real estate strategies and allow them to enter real estate markets in Germany, Eastern Europe, US and Italy. We focus on growing our relationships with key investment partners, both in Europe and in the US, who are interested in directly investing significant capital into the real estate sector alongside us.

The Jeeranont

Improving project delivery

Applying construction technologies and improving on-site performance to help an Indian engineering and construction firm accelerate its schedule for six major residential developments by 30 to 60 percent and improve construction productivity by 60 percent.

Headquartered in Washington DC, with a Global presence office, Aura’s North American operations via The Jeeranont  Asset Management , guarantee a constant local presence, and continuous communication with the offices in Europe. The development projects in the US are managed by Optimum Development USA LLC. We currently invest in the main four US markets: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Washington.

Our team assures a close, detailed supervision of each project, and an excellent on-site management.

The Jeeranont Development USA oversees the entire process from inception to physical completion of projects in the hospitality, commercial, office, and residential sectors.


The property portfolio is well diversified not only from a market perspective, but also in terms of development strategy: the projects range from change of use, property enhancement and ground-up developments, to value add and core plus investments.

The Jeeranont

Boosting enterprise valuation

Identifying $500 billion to $900 billion in commercial- and product-growth initiatives for a corporate-owned real-estate tech start-up to boost the valuation of the enterprise in 5 years.

Helping real estate organizations to maximize the value of assets, build sustainable communities, and transform their businesses.

Real estate has changed. An industry once dominated by low-cost capital and bricks-and-mortar square footage is becoming more flexible, digital, and experience driven. Investors, developers, occupiers, and operators must reimagine their business models to account for the evolving ways people interact with the built environment.

Incumbents and new entrants alike are using technology, advanced analytics, and design thinking to reinvent the way space is acquired, developed, used, and operated. Industry leaders are creating not only vibrant experiences and sustainable communities but also new, highly profitable, and enduring revenue streams.


We apply extensive real estate expertise and a deep understanding of real estate-intensive industries, such as retail, healthcare, housing, technology, and banking, to everything we do.

Major projects

Maximize the value of major projects through planning, financing, delivery, and operations. We partner with developers all the way from visioning and economic master planning to development, construction, attracting tenants, and operations. Our work spans greenfield projects, city-scale developments, complex mixed-use redevelopments, smart cities, and affordable housing.

Corporate performance

Help real estate companies to improve their performance through new business models, cultural and leadership transformations, and market expansion. We create sustainable changes by applying state-of-the-art approaches in strategy, culture change, organizational design, marketing and sales, risk management, and procurement.

Digital and advanced analytics

Enable disruption and improve the current operations of real estate players by leveraging digital technologies and advanced analytics to build new businesses; generate leads; invest in real estate technology; optimize the location, sourcing, and design of buildings; and more.

Engaging tenants and guests

Optimize the value of operating properties (including retail, office buildings, and residential) by creating the best spaces, environments, and experiences for tenants and end customers alike. We use data, analytics, and design to inform services, culture, footprints, and portfolio strategies and to optimize omnichannel value.

Creating value for owners

Enhance yields and improve the capitalization rate. We work with owners and operators to “think beyond the dirt” and to increase the value of property through partnerships, better business operations, revenue management, and redevelopment.

Community development

Convene the public, private, and social sectors to maximize the performance of communities, generate economic opportunity, and meet the increasing need of citizens for affordable housing in cities around the world. We create sustainable business models that make affordable housing a good investment for developers—helping to unlock supply, boost the productivity of construction, improve operations, and lower financing costs.


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