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"I worked on building systems ... It was very interesting, and it's all about hands-on, because here it's about bringing people from all backgrounds different to challenge and inspire each other."






Ege University



I (Kaan Eroz) (born August 21, 1985) is a former Turkish footballer and is currently promoted to CEO of Aura Solution Company Limited, Middle East & Africa. He was inspired by Oliver Kahn and pursued his career after completing his education from Ege University of Turkey & started career as a football player.


He later joined Aura Solution Company Limited as Director and previously as Human Resources Manager at Aura and Investment Manager at The Jeeranont.


Early life and education

Kaan Eroz (born August 21, 1985) is a former ex-footballer and is currently Managing Director of the Aura Solution Company Limited in the Middle East and Africa. Having a dream to play football after being inspired by Oliver Kahn Coach license. While a professional football player who gave him so many medals and he moved to the US to pursue a better career in 2009. During his stay in the US he got a chance to join AraKaan San Francisco. While an introduction to the financial world which later was quite To join Ora Solution Company Limited as Compliance Officer due to his hard work & honesty and loyalty to impress Mr Saad and given proper guidance education who raised him to be successful Aura Solution Company Limited as Administrator and previously as director of human resources at Aura and investment manager at Jeeran Jeeran.

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