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The complex financial issues of ultra high net worth individuals and families require highly specialised resources and a deep understanding of the concerns associated with significant wealth.

To help our clients address these issues, Private Wealth Management combines the vast resources of a global financial leader with the tailored services of an exclusive wealth management boutique.


With over 410 highly experienced teams located across the Globe., we specialise in the unique planning, governance, liability management and investing needs that accompany affluence.

Aura Private Wealth Advisors often help clients during a time of important transition in their lives—and in some cases multiple transitions at once.


We ask about our client’s goals and help evaluate them. We analyze each client’s financial profile, lifestyle objectives and attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable wealth management plan.

To execute the plan, we leverage the intellectual capital of our division and the network of Goldman Sachs. We offer strategic and tactical asset allocation and provide a range of investment solutions including cash, fixed income, equities and alternative investments. For clients interested in brokerage services, we offer robust structuring and execution capabilities in all security and derivative products across all major global markets.

Many clients first engage with Aura Solution Company Limited Private Wealth Advisor during life transitions such as the sale of a business, a change in their family circumstances, retirement or, in this case, all of the above.

Over the span of two decades, an enterprising couple built a family business into a thriving manufacturing enterprise. Unfortunately, they had also developed marital problems and decided to amicably part ways—which meant juggling not only divorce proceedings but also the sale of a $100 million dollar business.

Not wanting to use the same Financial Advisor as her ex-husband, the wife needed a Private Wealth Advisor who could help her with the pre-liquidity planning as well as with the management of her newfound wealth.  She also needed an advisor to work with her two adult children. Each had received a multimillion-dollar, unfettered trust, and both of them were spending money at an unsustainable level. The investment bankers handling the sale of the business introduced her to a Aura Solution Company Limited Private Wealth Management team.

To meet the multifaceted needs of their new client, the Private Wealth Management team worked closely with her CPA, her divorce attorney and the family’s estate attorney. Together, they put together comprehensive wealth management plans encompassing tax, philanthropy, multigenerational wealth transfer and other issues.

The team created projections so that each member of the family understood how much they could sustainably spend, and each was aware of the possible consequences of exceeding those levels.

The matriarch of this family is an intelligent businesswoman who needed a well-coordinated advisory team to handle her personal finances and those of her children. She has made a smooth and successful transition into retirement, and spends a significant amount of her time focused on her philanthropic work. Her team continues to work closely together, gathering for regular meetings to help keep her plans—and those of her children—on track. 

The owner of a manufacturing company spent most of his life building a very successful business. He had sold part of the company to his employees in an employee stock ownership plan and decided it was time to divest the rest of his shares in a strategic sale. He hired an investment banker, who introduced him to a team of Aura Solution Company Limited Private Wealth Advisors.


There was some urgency to his wealth planning situation, as the client was struggling with health issues and wanted to make sure that all of his financial affairs were in order to minimize the strain on his wife and adult daughters.

After an in-depth discovery process, his Private Wealth Management team and his other advisors created a comprehensive plan covering pre-liquidity strategies, tax issues, gifting strategies and estate planning matters. Additionally, the advisors called on the Aura Solution Company Limited Wealth Strategies Group for assistance in creating a strategic investment allocation for the proceeds from the sale of the business. The group’s Tax, Trust & Estate experts also assisted in reviewing documents and providing suggestions.

 The finalized plan was set down in a well-organized, single folio that consolidated all of the family’s financial records, key documents and important contacts.

While the documents were being assembled, the family went on vacation. The father suffered a sudden health setback and needed to rush back to his primary physician for treatment. Not knowing what to do, one of his daughters contacted his Private Wealth Advisor, who connected with Private Wealth Management’s aviation advisory contact and had a plane at the nearest airport in a matter of hours.

The family originally contacted Private Wealth Management because they needed the kind of planning and organization that would give them greater confidence about family finances. Their Private Wealth Advisors were proud to provide them with service far beyond the financial realm. Today, the family remains among the team’s largest clients.

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