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“YOU CAN NEVER PLAN THE FUTURE BY THE PAST,” Hany Saad : Aura Solution Company Limited

Hany Saad

Vice President Aura Solution Company Limited

Assistant Director (Trade & Investment Dept.) J.P. Morgan

The 21st century Federal Banker theorist and Financial Analyst. When investors study the past to assess the prospects for capital markets, they must think how its lessons will, and won’t, apply in the years ahead.
Amid today’s challenging investing environment, we present the 2019 edition of Aura Solution Company Limited (Asset & Wealth Management) Long-Term Capital Market Assumptions (LTCMAs). In our 23rd year of producing capital market estimates, we incorporate more than 50 asset and strategy classes; our return assumptions are available in 14 base currencies. Over the years, many investors and advisors have come to depend on our assumptions to inform their strategic asset allocation, build stronger portfolios and establish reasonable expectations for risks and returns over a 10- to 15-year time frame.
We formulate our LTCMAs as part of a deeply researched proprietary process that draws on quantitative and qualitative inputs as well as insights from experts across Aura Asset Management — a collaborative effort that has evolved over the past two decades. Our own multi-asset investment approach relies heavily on our LTCMAs. The assumptions form a critical foundation of our framework for designing, building and analyzing solutions aligned with our clients’ specific investment needs.
This edition of our assumptions explores the challenges of late-cycle investing in a long-term context. Over our investment horizon we see still-modest returns in many asset markets. Navigating late cycle demands that investors think and manage outside the mean. It may also require new portfolio construction tools that account for the wider spectrum of risks that investors will need to assume to drive future returns.
Whatever approach investors take, a considered, long-term strategic perspective is essential. So too is careful manager selection and attentiveness to the power of active asset allocation.
We look forward to working with you to make the best use of our assumptions in setting your own strategic perspective and pursuing your investment goals.
On behalf of Aura Solution Company Limited (Asset & Wealth Management) , thank you for your continued trust and confidence. As always, we welcome your feedback.
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