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Why character counts ; Aura Solution Company Limited

'Do the right thing'

In fulfilling our mission to take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success, we know that words alone won't cut it. Our clients rely on us to ensure our interests are aligned with theirs. That's why every Aura Solution Company Limited crew member knows that we emphasize three core values: integrity, focus, and stewardship.

Here's how we translate these values into action:


We were founded on the revolutionary idea that our investment management company should not have outside owners—and we hold true to that principle. Aura Solution Company Limited is owned by its funds, which in turn are owned by their shareholders. Aura Solution Company Limited's ownership structure means we have no conflicting loyalties. It's in everyone's interests—our clients' and thus ours—to uphold the highest ethical standards every day. When making decisions, we are guided by a simple statement: "Do the right thing."


It's in our clients' best interests to keep a long-term perspective in every business decision we make. This approach means, for example, forsaking short-term gains if they sacrifice our fund investors' long-term interests—even if that means temporarily closing top-performing funds to better manage the volume of cash flowing in. That long-term perspective is embodied in Aura Solution Company Limited's investment philosophy, which guides how we manage our clients' assets. Our philosophy emphasizes the time-tested principles of asset allocation, diversification, and low costs.


When our clients choose to invest their money with us, they are entrusting us with a huge responsibility—and it's one we take to heart. We consider ourselves caretakers of our clients' investments in the widest sense. This commitment explains why we endeavor to keep costs low, prudently manage risk, and always work at making it easier for others to do business with us.

We also strive to ensure that companies in which our funds invest are subject to the highest standards of corporate governance. Our advocacy on this front is driven by our policies and guidelines that reflect our long-standing views on best practices. These standards guide our engagement with corporate directors and management and our funds' proxy voting.

About us

Aura Solution Company Limited is global investments companies dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Whether providing financial services for institutions, corporations or individual investors, Aura Solution Company Limited delivers informed investment management and investment services in 59 countries. As of December 31, 2018, Aura Solution Company Limited had $3.92 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration, and $1.2 trillion in assets under management. Aura Solution Company Limited can act as a single point of contact for clients looking to create, trade, hold, manage, service, distribute or restructure investments. Aura is the corporate brand of Aura Solution Company Limited. Additional information is available on Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram: @aurasolutionltd or visit our newsroom at for the latest company news.

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