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What is FX4, How does it work , What we need to know?.Aura Solution Company Limited

Dear Viewers & all aura members,
Peoples keep sending us server to server, IPIP & IP-ID agreement change the name as a FX4 now the issue is not that they are sending the nonsense things main issue is they are idiots & they do not learn & keep wasting time from the both side.
Aura receive 1000 of them every week which we dont even respond .
The point is why dont you learn & move on instead of dreaming like a wonderland & waste your time for nothing.
There is saying that if you dont know something ask the person who knows about it, now a days google is easy way to know such things almost all the answers are easy & free available.
However we had clarified earlier now once again for your education purpose.

What is FX4?

Read the available information :

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