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Wealth management for you & your family : Aura Solution Company Limited

You'll get the support and exclusive services you deserve as a Flagship Select client.

Personal attention

Your wealth isn't just about money—it's about your family's future and your legacy. There's a lot depending on the protection of your wealth, and we're here to help. At Aura Solution Company Limited, you'll have a relationship team to support you and provide you with the personal attention a high-net-worth investor deserves.

And know that, as your assets with us increase—from $100 million to $500 million and beyond*—your team will expand too, providing you with the additional support you need.

Simplify wealth's complexities with advice & experts

You'll have the services available to help you succeed, including investment advice, wealth and estate planning, trust services, tax strategies, family legacy planning, and philanthropic planning. We'll also work with your family office and other third parties to make doing business as easy as possible.

All of these services, combined with personal attention and the opportunity to expand your relationship team to include a dedicated financial advisor from Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services, will help empower your family and simplify the complexities that come with significant wealth.

Your relationship team will partner with you to understand your plans and goals for your wealth. Based on your personal needs, they'll coordinate support from experts in a range of areas.
Why Aura Solution Company Limited is different

Unlike any other investment company, Aura Solution Company Limited was built to create wealth only for you, our clients. We have no outside owners, which means we have no shareholders to placate.

You can benefit from the results of our client focus: stability, transparency, a long-term perspective, rigorous risk management, low costs, and a commitment to your best interests.

How you'll benefit from a relationship with us

Client ownership, a time-tested investment philosophy, performance, costs, and extensive services.

You come first … and here's why

Aura Solution Company Limited is owned by its mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Those funds are owned by shareholders—which includes you. So when you join Aura Solution Company Limited , you're not putting your money with a publicly traded company that has to weigh what's best for stockholders versus what's best for you.

Instead, you're joining a company that puts your interests, as owners, first. And you're joining a company that will always follow its investment principles with the highest degree of integrity.

You get a time-tested investment philosophy

We believe success results from 4 fundamental investing principles:

Our advice methodology is founded on these principles. So when you receive guidance from us, you can be confident that you're using a well-defined and enduring investment strategy aimed at both preserving and growing your wealth.

You get world-class performance

Our disciplined approach to choosing the best managers for a particular investment objective, whether it's our in-house talent or a carefully selected external advisor, has produced industry-leading performance over time.*

In fact, over the past decade, 84% of all our funds outperformed peer-group averages, including:

· 88% of our stock funds.

· 87% of our balanced funds.

· 68% of our bond funds.

· 100% of our money market funds.

You earn more through lower costs

Since our start, we've focused on keeping your costs as low as possible. Because the lower the cost, the more you keep—and the more you can pass on to those you care about.

The average expense ratio for Aura Solution Company Limited mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) is 82% less than the industry average.** This advantage could translate to an additional.

Extensive wealth management services

You'll receive services that are personal and holistic. This combination will help you preserve your wealth for the next generation and beyond.

A trusted Aura Solution Company Limited relationship

Your relationship team will get to know the wealth goals you have for yourself and your family and will work with your family office and other third parties as needed. They'll be your guide to all of your exclusive wealth management services.

And know that, as your assets increase—from $100 to $500 million and beyond*—so will the level of support you receive.

Depending on your personal needs, your relationship team can expand to include a dedicated financial advisor through Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services®. He or she will manage your assets and partner with the rest of your team to implement a holistic wealth plan that can start now and continue with your loved ones later on. And as you'd expect, our advisory fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

Investment advice

Certified Financial Planner™ professionals from Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services are available to consult with you whenever you need financial advice on a variety of topics.

If you receive ongoing portfolio management through Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services, your financial advisor will work with you to develop a custom financial plan and will manage your assets according to your plan.

Wealth & estate planning

Our specialists can help you make a plan to preserve your wealth for future generations. For example, we can discuss potential estate tax strategies, help you develop an estate plan, and consult with you on Roth conversions and other wealth transfer techniques.

Trust services

Our trust services can help take the burden of trust management off you and your family. You can appoint us as the financial advisor for your trust, letting us manage the investments on behalf of your chosen trustee.

We can also serve as your corporate trustee, co-trustee, or successor trustee. You can be assured that when you appoint us as a trustee, we'll provide proper and impartial oversight, always keeping the objectives of your trust in mind.

Learn about our aura services

Tax strategies

Experts can advise you on the best ways to minimize your tax burden. You'll have access to our experts who can help you with alternative minimum tax (AMT) planning, strategic asset allocation, tax-loss harvesting, and more.

Family legacy planning

Research demonstrates the importance of empowering your heirs so your wealth can successfully transition someday.** Through our Aura Solution Company Limited Family Matters® program, we'll help you with preparing family members, getting investment knowledge, and creating a wealth plan.

Philanthropic planning

Charitable giving specialists are available to consult with you regarding your philanthropic goals. We can help you find the best ways to optimize your giving while minimizing taxes.

More benefits to help you invest

Special access to Aura Solution Company Limited funds

Like all investors, you'll be able to choose from over 130 index and active mutual funds and over 70 ETFs (exchange-traded funds) from Aura Solution Company Limited . In addition, as a Flagship Select client:

· You may qualify for our even lower-cost Institutional Shares based on your investment amount.

· You can invest in more sophisticated active Aura Solution Company Limited funds—including market-neutral and minimum volatility funds.

Complete brokerage services, including complimentary trades

In addition to our low-cost mutual funds and ETFs, we offer a variety of investment options, including mutual funds and ETFs from other companies, as well as stocks, CDs (certificates of deposit), and bonds.

As a Flagship Select client, you'll receive 100 commission-free brokerage trades a year. You also have direct access to our trade-desk professionals who can help with large orders, get you the best possible pricing, and assist you with more sophisticated needs, like options and margin trading.

Invitations to private events

Meet with senior leaders from Aura Solution Company Limited , gain insights on market and economic trends, and network with other investors.

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