GTM-TNHWN3R Verification: 8022f68be7f2a759 Warning : Aura Solution Company Limited

Warning : Aura Solution Company Limited

To be informed after we issued the soft WARNING NOTIFICATION to all in public & Press note , That DO NOT DARE to send any fake swift to Aura , in spite that few jokers dare to do that & making noise around for fake swift & blame to us that we do not pay off for the fake copy & as per the notification, while the investigation has been started & soon they will celebrate their rest of life & festival in Federal Prison.
We have been reported 38 Jokers so far list as below.
India : 8
Middle East : 3
Europe : 22
USA : 5 who are already in PRISON now.
Note : If some one has done any real job & they are sure about that then be a man & contact our officer who you had signed the agreement to clear your fund and /or write us on, for any verification :
Making noise like a street hooker will lead you in PRISON only.

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