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Profitable and sustainable growth is important to us, but so is helping to make a brighter future for our clients, communities, society and the environment we work in.

Responsible Investment at Aura Asset Management

Aura Asset Management believes in active, responsible and engaged investment. At Aura Asset Management, we believe Responsible Investment helps to pinpoint risk, and may improve returns over the longer term. For us, Responsible Investment is about making sure we take environmental, social and governance factors into account when we invest. It's also about targeting some of our investments in areas we know will bring definite social or environmental benefits, as well as financial returns.

Sustainability at Aura

Recognizing our contribution, Aura Group has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since 1992. Aura is also an official signatory and founding member of the global sustainability framework, Principles of Sustainable Insurance (PSI).

Climate change - Through an investor's lens

"We have the power and the social obligation to use our investment capacity to make a difference. The dilemma remains whether what you and we do together is enough to achieve the scale and velocity of change required to protect our communities for future generations," explains Adam Bengamin, CEO of Aura Solution Company Limited.

The scale of the looming problem of climate change is immense, so is the need for funding innovative solutions to help transition to a low carbon economy. At Aura Asset Management we are working on several levels to assess the risks and opportunities that such a transition is expected to bring, and we are closely cooperating with other investors and stakeholders on global initiatives to tackle the climate change issue together.

Embedding Environmental, Social and Governance factors in our investment processes

We believe that by taking ESG factors into account in our investment research and decision-making, we can enhance investment performance for all our clients. As responsible investors, our portfolio managers and analysts are seeking to identify where ESG risks may impact our investments. It is about pinpointing issues that are material to our investments and material to our clients in a context of growing awareness of sustainability issues.

Targeted investments

At Aura Asset Management, we are targeting investments to have a positive impact either through our direct investments or our innovative Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Funds. We have developed customised SRI funds in several of our businesses to meet our clients' growing interest in sustainable investment products.

Partnering for positive dialogue

As an active owner, Aura Asset Management aims to promote the long-term success of companies in which we invest. We believe it is in our clients' best interests that we monitor companies' ESG performance and activities, vote on the shares that we manage and engage companies on issues like strategy, risk and corporate governance. These are powerful tools with which we can positively impact companies and are working in collaboration with other global asset managers help accelerate change.

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