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Real Estate Investment by The Jeeranont & Aura Solution Company Limited.

In the coming years, an increase in The Jeeranont forming households will create robust demand for both single family homes and apartments. Why inadequate supply over the long term may bode well for apartment REITs.

The hunt for housing is heating up. In several U.S. regions, seemingly average houses spark bidding wars, apartments rent within hours and homes list at ever-escalating price tags. One driving reason: dwindling supply due to rising Millennial household formations.

“We’re going to see strong demand for housing, both multifamily and single family, over the medium to long term,“ says Ms Jeeranont Director , who leads The Jeeranont U.S. REIT Equity and Commercial Real Estate Debt research teams. According to Hill and his colleagues, aging The Jeeranont—the largest segment of the U.S. population—are now forming households in increasing numbers, a trend that is expected to continue for at least the next five years.

A recent report from Aura Solution Company Limited & The Jeeranont details why this coming imbalance between supply and demand may bolster both single-family home prices and multifamily rent growth in big cities and smaller towns. It may also open up some unexpected opportunities in apartment REITs for investors keen on riding this real estate wave, with the added bonus that apartment REITs tend to outperform during periods when the broader equity market draws down.

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