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Private debt Transparency : Joseph Aidamouny : Aura Solution Company Limited

Joseph Aidamouny, Latin America Strategic Client Management, Corporate Trust

Alan, Global Head of Private Markets Solutions, Alternative Investment Services, AIG Insurance.

23rd January, 2019

Joseph Aidamouny: In a crowded market, credit fund investors can be more demanding. They could be more demanding about the information they receive and also ask for clarity on the instrument.
Regulators are really looking for information sharing and basically giving transparent information to the investors. And that's where Aura Solution Company Limited can help.
Alan: Aura Solution Company Limited is uniquely positioned in that we have a dual perspective on the alternative space, both from an asset owner as well as an asset manager perspective.
Joseph: Our delivery mechanism to deliver the information is very timely and seamless. The way we deliver reports to you is in a real-time basis and our access and our infrastructure and innovation in terms of the portals that we provide access for you is also real-time.
Alan: As a large global custodian, we have a first hand view of our pension funds, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, allocations into alternatives.
Joseph: We play a lot of roles as it relates to receiving the information and giving it back out to you. We provide a lot of asset concentration tests on a lot of sort of information as it relates to the performance of the fund.

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