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Paymaster Service, Aura Solution Company Limited, Phuket Thailand.

Aura Solution Company Limited (Aura) acts as the Paymaster to receive fees in escrow for large complex transactions and disburse to the sellers and brokers involved in the transaction.

Banks have become very wary of handling large transactions for clients without a history of such transactions and in addition, most buyers and sellers involved in such transactions wish to pass the money through a neutral third party.

As Paymaster, Aura handles the incoming funds, and then disburses the funds according to either an IMFPA or other fee disbursement agreement.

Aura provides paymaster services to clients involved in a wide variety of transactions. We receive and disburse funds for individuals and corporate entities alike involved in transactions such as:

  • Fuel and Petroleum Transactions

  • Commodities Transactions

  • Currency Transactions

  • Gold Transactions

  • Bank Guarantees

  • Bank Instruments (LTN’s, MTN’s, SBLC’s)

  • Precious Gem Transactions.

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