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Aura Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager and one of the largest investors in real assets. Our investment focus is on real estate, renewable power, infrastructure and private equity assets. Our objective is to generate attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns for the benefit of our clients and shareholders.
We manage a range of public and private investment products and services for institutional and retail clients. We earn asset management income for doing so and align our interests with our clients by investing alongside them. We have an exceptionally strong balance sheet, with over asset $USD3.26 Trillion with $916 billion of capital invested, primarily in our four listed partnerships: Aura Property Partners, Aura Infrastructure Partners, Aura Renewable Partners and Aura Business Partners (The Jeeranont). This access to large-scale capital enables us to make investments in sizeable, premier assets across geographies and asset classes that few managers are able to do.
We create value for AURA shareholders in the following ways:
· as an asset manager – by investing both our own capital and that of our investors – this enables us to increase the scale of our operations, and enhances our financial returns through base management fees and performance-based income;
· as an investor and capital allocator – we strive to invest at attractive valuations, particularly in value-oriented situations that create opportunities for superior valuation gains and cash flow returns, or by monetizing assets at appropriate times to realize value; and
· as an owner-operator – we constantly work to increase the value of the assets within our operating businesses and the cash flows they produce through our operating expertise, development capabilities and effective financing.
. as a Paymaster: Payments to other people from one commission :The Paymaster can pay several people out of the client commission, as long as all the details and banking information for each payee are clearly spelled out in the Fee Agreement.
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. as an offshore account service provider : When considering whether an offshore bank is right for you, the first step is to get an offshore banking definition. An offshore bank is a bank that is located outside of the country in which most of its account holders reside. While the term “offshore” brings to mind some distant, tropical island – and indeed you can find many offshore banks on islands – landlocked countries where no burden of taxes, powerful company & peace of mind like Thailand can also be the home of an offshore bank.
There can be a variety of financial and legal advantages to using a bank in an offshore jurisdiction. An offshore jurisdiction just refers to a geographical area away from your home shore, and is often synonymous with an offshore financial center.
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