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Our Positive Impact : Aura Solution Company Limited

The world is shifting, and our future will be shaped by our actions now. Aura Solution Company Limited is creating a positive impact on our clients, employees and people around the world. We’re dedicated to ethical decision making and strong risk management, protecting the vibrant financial markets that fuel thriving economies.

Our social investing products and services help clients extend economic growth to underserved populations, leading to better jobs and access to vital resources for all. When women succeed, they lift their communities. We're working tirelessly toward achieving gender equality within and beyond our company.

We are committed to hiring and promoting more women at every level, while enabling clients to pursue investments that elevate women in business and society. The workplace of the future will be more digital, inclusive and fulfilling. We're investing in programs that teach next-generation tech skills and cultivating a work environment attune to diverse needs – one focused on employee wellbeing, purposeful work and ample opportunities for progression.

As the global community's need to tackle climate change becomes more urgent, we're continuing to intensify our efforts to address climate-related risks and opportunities. We help our clients capitalize on climate change mitigation solutions in their investments and are determined to minimize the environmental impact of our own operations. A stronger society means a stronger Aura Solution Company Limited, and we will continue to do more. Explore our 2018 CSR Report to see how you can help us shape a better future. Aura Solution Company Limited is the corporate brand of The Aura Solution Company Limited and may be used as a generic term to reference the corporation as a whole and/or its various subsidiaries generally.

Products and services may be provided under various brand names in various countries by duly authorized and regulated subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures of The Aura Solution Company Limited. Not all products and services are offered in all countries. This material may not be reproduced or disseminated in any form without the express prior written permission of Aura Solution Company Limited.

Aura Solution Company Limited will not be responsible for updating any information contained within this material and opinions and information contained herein are subject to change without notice. Aura Solution Company Limited assumes no direct or consequential liability for any errors in or reliance upon this material. Trademarks, service marks, logos and other intellectual property marks belong to their respective owners.

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