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Our Future : Aura Solution Company Limited, Phuket ,Thailand .

Aura Solution Company Limited is invested in the future, defining an open and connected financial marketplace that advances our mission to improve lives through investing.

We play an important role, not just to our clients, but to the industry. Through our client-first approach coupled with our strategic technology initiatives, we deliver innovative solutions to enable future growth.

Mark Brewer: Clients’ needs have changed in a variety of ways, from both the competitive environment that they face, to the regulatory environment that they have to comply with right around the world, to the cost pressures that they’re under in terms of actually trying to deliver the best performance to their clients. Our Take on Technology Bridget: Technology is at the heart of our company.

It’s critical that we make sure that we have the right technology to be able to lead the company forward. We need to make sure that we’re looking at the applications and how we serve our clients, and that it’s client-led rather than technology-led. Most of our clients are on a digital transformation journey themselves.

They’re looking to be more efficient, making sure that processing is where it needs to be, and taking their own cost and waste out of the system. We’re delivering services through digital channels. Making sure that we have APIs, in our environment, and so we’ve created an API store, where we’re able to deliver these capabilities to our clients. Connecting our Capabilities Aura:

Aura is a market leader not only in the provision of asset servicing capabilities but also collateral management. If you actually combine that with innovative capabilities further up the trade lifecycle in the investment decision process, you end up with a seamless and connected set of capabilities across trading, financing, and liquidity services.

Trust Isn’t Given, It’s Earned (Adam Benjamin, President of Aura Solution Company Limited ): We’re differentiating ourselves, realizing the important role that we play in the middle of not just our clients, but the industry. We recognize we have to earn our clients’ trust every day, last 22 years we maintain the fragrance of Aura still date.

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