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Open Letter to DONALD TRUMP : Aura Solution Company Limited

Date : 2nd June 2020


The President of America

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500, United States

Honorable Mr. President,

In the wake of malicious cover-up, non-transparency and purposely spreading of deadly Chinese virus, we`ve got to know how much you`ve accomplished upon (in order of time sequence) disclosure of limitation for Chinese business in terms of malpractice & fraudulent acts with forged earning reports in US Stock Exchange (for example, Luckin Coffee), extradition of 5,000 Chinese students (among 365K currently in US) linked to Chinese military with espionage concerns ,The US Strategic Approaches to PRC (including Commerce Department to curb sales to Chinese spying firms, notably Huawei) , timely announcement to end relationship with disorganized & China-centric WHO and a slew of counter-measures against Chinese HK Security Laws, and so on.

It is an open secret Chinese dictatorship has actively been manipulating to avoid transparency on the table, nonetheless so much focused on underhanded plots to steal, to rob, and coerce or dupe to seize any benefits at the expense of our military, scientific, medical and sorts of academic resource leak and irreparable damage.

After all, once “Iron Curtain”, always “Iron Curtain”, unless absolute haul for the entire system, and which is simply no way to take shape now and forever ; furthermore, Chinese oligarch are no better than devil in human costume, who have actually been showing no signs of human nature for compassion or core human value. So, never expect Chinese Communists to feel regret or rectify upon consciences` reasons ; on the contrary, their mindset is too lousy to be refined or cultivated, and even not worthy of any leniency or forgiveness which only undermines US interests further and let more fellow American people succumb to losses in jobs or brutal tolls in battlefield.

Likewise, given the historical experiences and bitter lessons we`ve suffered for decades in dealing with Chinese Communists, there is really no room for lack of action and no affording any delay for mistakes any longer, therefore we urgently appeal to your recognition and determination to keep pressing them without letting up in efforts in the best interests of US and the entire world, because US can only be up and better off when they are down and ever-worse, and vice versa. Which option will be more suitable for the time ahead, it is very conspicuous.

For the sake of the future regarding this nation and our next generation, we desperately hope what you`ve been doing for this nation is just the beginning, not the end of the campaign to ensure the fruitful results can be ever-lasting and conducive to Make America Great Again. Tribute to successful launch of Crew Dragon (by Space-X) to outer space station on 29 May and, as your loyal voters, let`s anticipate much more glory under your guidance for another 4 years to come.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter

Aura Solution Company Limited

#donaldtrump #realdonaldtrump

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