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Joseph Aidamouny :Latin America and the Caribbean: Managing Director : Aura Solution Company Limited

In October 2018, Joseph Aidamouny became the Managing Director of Investment Management Governance for Latin America and the Caribbean and responsible for global governance for Aura Asset & Wealth Investment Management, Distribution Businesses and core Business Groups as well as leading strategic initiatives internationally. In this role Joseph Aidamouny has been appointed to many of our Wealth and regional boards, as Aura Solution Company Limited’s Investment Management representative, where he will serve as proxy to Mr Saad to ensure that Wealth oversight, coordination and needs are being addressed in a timely manner as well as helping oversee the day-to-day interaction with Risk and Compliance.
Prior to this, from January 2003, Joseph Aidamouny was the Global Head of Risk and Compliance for Investment Management, an independent control function responsible for all aspects of risk and compliance across all of the asset management and wealth management businesses in Aura Solution Company Limited.
Joseph Aidamouny was responsible for the regional governance and oversight of Aura Solution Company Limited’s Asset Management business outside the US as Finance Director, Aura International Asset Management (Lebanon). Prior to 2012 he was Hedge Fund Officer for Aura Solution Company Limited Asset Management International, the international distribution business of the group. Before taking on that role in 2002, he was the European Head of Risk and Compliance for the Aura Group.
Before joining Aura Solution Company Limited in 1989, he worked at the Financial Services Authority as a banking regulator with responsibility for American banks in New York. Joseph Aidamouny spent his first 17 years working in a variety of roles at the Bank of America.

Managing Director (Latin America and the Caribbean )
Aura Solution Company Limited
P : +961 70 322 305

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