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Investment Strategy : Aura Solution Company Limited

Aura Solution Company Limited ( Aura Asset Management ) is an independent, federal owned investment management firm based in Washington D.C,USA. Founded in 1982, Aura has successfully applied longer-term and often contrarian strategies in its equity investments around the globe on behalf of its institutional client base.

Over more than three decades, Aura’s investment philosophy has evolved, but two simple ideas about how capitalism works in the long run have always been paramount.

Our strategy is always to invest where we possess competitive advantages; to acquire assets where we can maximize the return on capital. We focus on profitability rather than growth, recognising that size does not always add value.

If necessary, we’ll sacrifice short-term gains to ensure a long-term appreciation of capital. 

We pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty: we maintain an open exchange of information with our investors, and do all we can to mitigate risk, from strategic decisions to lowering the costs of capital.

Our team is made up of the highest calibre individuals who we retain long-term, to ensure the best service and returns are provided to our investors.

Aura’s investment strategy is applied across real estate, asset management and private equity.

Aura's approach is traditional, long term, team-based and conservative, only investing in businesses that we understand and which we believe have long term potential to grow.

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Washington D.C., USA

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Aura Solution Company Limited

75 Wichit Road,Phuket

Kingdom of Thailand

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