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INDIA : Paymaster & Commission Dispersal Service: Aura Solution Company Limited.

Aura Solution Company Limited offer a dedicated PayMaster and Commission Dispersal service for all trade and financial transactions.
Due to our long-established Banking relationships, we can provide our clients with a full PayMaster Service second to none. PayMaster dispersals can be made available for single or multiple accounts.

Broker Commissions
Most brokers will tell you that once they have arranged a Buy/Sell transaction they fail to receive their fees.

By using our PayMaster service brokers can be sure that they will receive all commission payments on time.

During these difficult financial times, Banks are sometimes reluctant to accept large incoming funds transfers, sometimes resulting in the funds being blocked pending further investigation. It is often the case that Banks will require information going back several generations making your funds inaccessible. This problem can be solved by proper initial due diligence by the Paymaster. We have an in- house compliance team who will ensure that your transaction does not fail at the last minute. This of course means that we expect our clients to provide all requested information as and when required. This is for your protection as well as ours.


International Banking is now so over regulated that transactions involving considerable sums of money alarm many banks, even to the extent of closing client’s accounts at the very mention of large sums of incoming funds. Another main issue is that of large incoming funds that are removed from the clients account within just a few days. This will often cause a ‘red flag; alarm with the banks compliance department, in most cases, blocking client’s funds until questions are answered. This can prove very frustrating for the client and costly.

So how do we reduce the chance of this happening? The answer is simple, by using our exclusive and unique transaction pre-approval service.


As seller or buyer, agent, broker or group of intermediaries you need to handle fees and commissions of your international transactions - and you probably have to transfer these funds regularly to various recipients (Beneficiaries).

Aura will support you with International Paymaster Services in Kingdom of Thailand with Kasikorn Bank (Sister Concern of JP Morgan which allow you to draw globally without been charged anything & no tax issue). Once the deal has been concluded and fees and commissions are paid, we care for the management and disbursement through a single and secure Offshore account if you require.
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