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Aura focuses on unconventional markets, where unusual high risk/return dynamics exist and where substantial returns can be achieved, in order to offer long lasting value, a superior level of service and a more tailor-made approach compared to larger Funds. We are able to provide a level of professional expertise on par with a top tier global investment manager whilst retaining the responsiveness, independence and senior management commitment of a global firm.

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Joseph Aidamouny Managing Director (Latin America and the Caribbean ) Aura Solution Company Limited E : W: P : +961 70 322 305 Aurapedia Desktop : Aurapedia Mobile :

Kaan Eroz Managing Director ( Middle East & Africa ) Aura Solution Company Limited E : W: P : +90 532 781 00 86 Aurapedia Desktop : Aurapedia Mobile :

Vinod Prasad Managing Director ( India ) Aura Solution Company Limited E : W: P : +91 98608 54929 Aurapedia Desktop : Aurapedia Mobile :

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