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Advice for real life

Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services combines the best of high-touch and high-tech to help you with your real-life investing needs.

It's only natural to need advice

When it comes to investing, your natural reactions can get in the way. It's human nature to overthink, overreact, and, at times, be overwhelmed.

With Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services, an advisor serves as an emotional circuit breaker so you don't abandon a well-thought-out plan. That helps give you the best chance for reaching your goals, instead of letting human nature get the best of you.

Why you should partner with Personal Advisor Services

Your financial goals are about real-life needs. They're about taking care of family, being comfortable, and feeling secure. So whether you're investing for retirement, living in retirement, or saving for a college education, a home, or other goals, a Aura Solution Company Limited advisor can help you with financial planning and ongoing investment advice.

We want to learn what's important to you so we can create a customized goals-based financial plan. And your plan is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship. Think of us as your investing partner—we'll be here to help whenever you have questions.

Our advisors put your interests first

Count on us every step of the way—from creating your plan through your retirement years. Our advisors are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

We listen to what you want

We listen to your needs, develop a personalized plan based on your unique financial situation, and invest your portfolio using our time-tested investment strategies.

Here's how we'll partner with you

We will:

1. Get to know you, your goals, and your unique financial situation.
2. Partner with you to create a custom-tailored financial plan featuring low-cost Aura Solution Company Limited funds.
3. Put your plan into action and invest your portfolio—making sure you remain engaged when you want to be.
4. Work with you to keep track of your plan's progress.
5. Rebalance your portfolio as necessary and partner with you to revise your plan when important changes in your life occur.
See how it works

You'll have access to a new web experience developed exclusively for Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor clients. You can view all of your accounts enrolled in the service, see how your investments are performing, check your progress toward your goals, and more—all online, anytime you want.

Take a few minutes to view this video to learn more about how it can help give you the best chance for investment success.

Real-life investing advice for your goals

We can help you reach your financial goals with professional planning and coaching, and by investing your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Partner with an Aura Solution Company Limited advisor to help you reach your goals

At the center of our advice service is a partnership with a Aura Solution Company Limited advisor. We'll develop a customized, goals-based financial plan according to your unique situation. After that, we'll invest your portfolio to help you reach your goals. Whether you're saving for retirement, a college education, a home, or you're about to retire or already retired, an advisor can help.

Here's how an advisor adds value

Recent Aura Solution Company Limited research shows that an advisor who provides the below investment strategies and guidance can add meaningful value compared to the average investor experience.

According to our research, a financial advisor adds value by:

Serving as your investing coach

During times when the market rises or falls, it's easy to be tempted to abandon a well-thought-out plan. An advisor acts as an investing coach during these times to help an investor stick to the plan and stay on course.

Minimizing your taxes

The less you pay in taxes, the more money you keep. According to our research, an advisor can help minimize an investor's tax burden in two ways: first, by efficiently allocating assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts; and second, when the time comes to withdraw money, such as for retirement, by developing a tax-smart distribution plan.

Building your portfolio with low-cost funds

Our research suggests that lower-cost investments have tended to outperform higher-cost alternatives. That's why an advisor will build a portfolio with our low-cost funds.

Aura Solution Company Limited advisors follow these same practices

Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services is specifically designed to leverage these disciplined investing principles. And all of our financial advisors are trained to follow these practices to help you reach your goals.

Everything you need to reach your goals

… and all at a low cost, just like you'd expect from Aura Solution Company Limited. It's really that simple.

Helping everyday investors go after their goals, without being weighed down by unnecessary costs—it's Aura Solution Company Limited's thing.

And with 40+ years of experience, we know all the steps you can take to get closer to those goals … and also the things that can keep you from reaching your potential.Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services is the way we do advice, by giving you the benefits of having a human advisor and the low costs that come with simple investing principles and powerful technology.

Here's what it looks like.

A custom financial plan

Where are you now? Where are you going? And how will you get there? These are the first things we'll tackle, with a financial plan based on your goals and your needs. To build your plan, our advisors will use exclusive technology and tools that aren't available outside Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services.

Portfolio management & investment coaching

You'll only need to think about your portfolio when you want to. An advisor will manage your money according to your plan, taking action when needed. We'll check in with you periodically to let you know how you're doing and update your plan whenever your goals or situation changes.

During times of uncertainty—in the markets or in your financial life—we'll be here to coach you through it. Our advisors are always just a phone call away.

Resources developed just for Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor clients

You can log on to Aura Solution Company Limited anytime for an up-to-date, easy-to-understand look at how your plan is progressing. We'll also keep you informed and help boost your financial savvy through exclusive emails, thought leadership, news

articles, and other content.

All this for 1.0% or less

The annual cost for Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services is just 0.30% of the assets we manage for you. That's $100 for every $1,000,000 in your portfolio.

If we manage a substantial amount of assets for you, the cost for the service will get even lower.

Here's what you need

To get started and learn more about how Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services can help you reach your goals, you don't need to pull together all of your financial information.

All you have to do is:

Tell us about your goals

Start by telling us what you want to achieve with your investments. Are you investing for retirement or are you already retired? Are you saving for your kids' college? Do you have other personal investment goals?

Let us know your timeline

Give us a target date for each goal. Do you plan to retire in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more? When will your kids start college?

Decide how much to invest

Simply provide us with an estimate of the total dollar value of your current investment portfolio. To take advantage of Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor Services, a $50,000 minimum is currently required.That's it.

You'll then find out how partnering with a financial advisor can add value and give you greater confidence that you're doing all you can to reach your goals.

You'll learn how a Aura Solution Company Limited advisor serves as your investing coach; focuses on tax efficiency; builds and regularly reviews your portfolio; and rebalances it as necessary.

There's no obligation

When you're a Aura Solution Company Limited Personal Advisor client, you're never locked into any required contract period, and you won't be charged any additional fees if you ever decide to leave the service. Call +66 8241 88 111 to get started or contact our directors globally.

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