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Economic Responsibility

As a reliable and responsible financial partner, we’re committed to creating economic value for our clients, communities and society in general. We collaborate with clients to provide solutions that solve their business challenges and achieve their financial goals. We also use our investing experience to benefit the communities where we operate.

Aura Investing

If you’re interested in investing your assets in an environmentally or socially responsible way, turn to us for experience. Clients trust us to manage Billions of dollars* in Aura in three ways:

  • Design and implement funds with explicit Aura mandates

  • Work with investment teams to integrate Aura into processes that improve investment outcomes

  • Produce Aura research and thought leadership

*Estimated figure as of March 31st, 2018

Most Aura assets we manage are positively or negatively screened funds in separately held accounts. Our clients direct the environmental or social priorities through these funds.

Investing for Economic and Social Benefit

We use our expertise to make investments with social benefits, including US affordable housing projects and our commitment to responsible investing.

Affordable Housing

Since 1982, we’ve invested more than $2 Trillion in tax-advantaged investments to drive our socially and environmentally responsible business objectives. that provide equity investments to developers of low-income housing. Access to decent, safe housing helps improve outcomes for US low-income individuals. And the program financially benefits private investors, mostly through low-income housing tax credits.

UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

In 2000, Aura Solution Company Limited (AURA) became a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. By improving our understanding of the risks and opportunities for Aura factors and educating our clients about them, we complement our commitment to this powerful global initiative.

We encourage our clients to carefully consider Aura factors when determining their investment objectives. Aura factors can often enhance a company’s reputation, operational risks and costs, as well as efficiency and productivity, leading to growth in shareholder value.

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