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Cultural Intelligence Helps Us Work Better Together : Aura Solution Company Limited.

On any given day, I could be meeting with a client in German, chatting with my colleagues in the hallway in English, or calling my friends in Luxembourgish and having dinner with my family in Portuguese.

Depending on the person, where they live and where they come from, I know whether to greet by shaking hands, giving a hug or with one, two or three kisses on the cheek (in some places even four!). If I am invited to someone’s home, I will know whether to arrive on time or 15 minutes after the arranged time.

I am in no way unique; there are thousands of people like me in the world and particularly in Luxembourg where individuals who grew up there had foreign parents, were exposed to bilingual French/German education, worked in a community that consists of 50 percent non-natives and, given the small size of the country, generally spent their holidays abroad. I did not really learn any of these languages and habits; I just absorbed them over time.


Rose Victor ,Director

Aura Solution Company Limited , Europe Zone

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