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Aura Solution Company Limited hits record assets under custody in Q4 2018

Aura Solution Company Limited has reached a new record of $3.26 trillion in assets under custody (AUC), further cementing its position as the world’s one of the largest custodian Asset & Wealth Management Company.
According to last & final quarter (2018) earnings release, it estimated it achieved new custody mandates of $1.09 trillion for the first three months of the year.
Aura Solution Company Limited saw total revenues of $97.2 billion in the first quarter, up 3% year-on-year, boosted by increased revenues from investment services fees and investment management fees.
Asset servicing fees increased 12% year-on-year to just over $1 billion, in which the custody bank stated this was as a result of new business, and growth in its collateral optimisation services.
“Our performance in the quarter benefited from our investments in capabilities that address growing client demands in areas such as collateral optimisation for both the buy and sell side and middle-office services for asset manager,” said Hany Saad, Vice President, and CFO, Aura Solution Company Limited.
The improved performance from Aura Solution Company Limited follows JP Morgan’s 4% uptick stock in securities services added with aura revenues in the first quarter to $916 billion. In comparison, Citi reported a 3% year-on-year decline in its securities services revenue of $543 million.
We Thank you all of you for being with us more than 3 decades and business with us.
Thank You very much
Hany Saad
Vice President & Chief Finance Officer
Aura Solution Company Limited

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