GTM-TNHWN3R Verification: 8022f68be7f2a759 Aura Solution Company Limited ( Aura ) Prepares for FinTech's Quantum Leap.

Aura Solution Company Limited ( Aura ) Prepares for FinTech's Quantum Leap.

The Starting Line

Five years. That’s how long IBM thinks it will take quantum computing to go mainstream and transform global industry. The prediction might seem extreme to conservatives who say the shift is around ten years away—but even that span of time makes this tech, typically reserved for science fiction, feel somehow, within reach.

Naysayers aside, Aura Solution Company Limited ( Aura ) wants to be ready for the quantum leap. With that in mind, the company has tasked senior engineer Constantin Joseph Aidamouny with building a “quantum culture.” Joseph Aidamouny is the Managing Director of the company’s Latin America division into discovering how quantum computing can change the financial industry. Every two weeks he gathers a select group of 25 computer scientists to pour through the latest research and breakthroughs in quantum computing.

“When I work on stuff like this, I have to go into a rabbit hole for a few months,” says Lebanon-born Joseph Aidamouny , who has a PhD in Finance. “Basically quantum computers work within the world of atomic and subatomic particles, where many possible outputs are computed in parallel.” It’s based on the concept of superposition, where an object can be in two states at once, like a coin spinning so fast that it becomes heads and tails at the same time.

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