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Aura Asset & Wealth Management : Aura Solution Company Limited

How can we help?

As in the rest of the world, the asset and wealth management industry in kingdom of Thailand is growing, and regulations, compliance, risk management, reporting and taxing are becoming bound by more rigid and complex laws. Investors prefer easy-to-access solutions, more trustworthy service providers and more transparent investment products. Investors need and are interested in alternative asset classifications and investment products, having their portfolios managed professionally and collective investment tools based on risk allocation principles.

Moreover, we predict that managers who can diversify solutions, products and services and provide customer-oriented service as well as manage risks and costs of investors well and follow regulations will prevail in an atmosphere of strong competition.

At Aura we support the future of all our clients of all sizes with tax planning, set up of various investment structures and funds, processes and reporting infrastructure, FATCA and CRS compliance, governance, support for choosing and improving IT infrastructure, auditing and strategy with our global network of specialists.

Who do we provide services for?

  • Individual investors

  • Portfolio management companies

  • Investment advisors (Bankers)

  • Private banking and wealth management entities

  • Country funds

  • Venture capital funds and partnerships

  • Real estate investment funds and partnerships

  • Securities investment funds and partnerships

  • Family companies

  • Pension funds


For more info : contact our Aura Directors & team.


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