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Announcement : Termination Patrick Belkidar : Europe : Aura Solution Company Limited

Dear Patrick Belkidar

We had received several complaints from our Marketing Department ,Political Clients for your non attentive & unprofessional attitude ,which harm the reputation of Aura & business relation with the clients which we are maintaining since more than a decade ,while our legal team recommending your dismissal as at the Managing Director of the Aura Solution Company Limited, Europe.

We have accepted their recommendation and you are hereby terminated and removed from Aura effective immediately. While I nevertheless concur with the Judgment of the Legal & Human Resource Department that you are not able to effectively lead the Aura Europe Branch.

It is essential that we find new director for the Aura Europe that restored the trust which has been damaged cause of your non attentive attitude several occasions.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Kaan Eroz

Human Resource Director

Note : Mr Joseph Aidamouny will take charge for Europe with immediate effect .

Latin America and the Caribbean

Joseph Aidamouny

Managing Director

Aura Solution Company Limited

E :

P : +961 70 322 305

Aurapedia Desktop :

Aurapedia Mobile :

Note : Mr Joseph will be responsible for Latin America & caribbean and EUROPE , We appeal to all the clients whoever signed any kind of Agreement with Mr Patrick Beikdar to contact with Mr Joseph Aidamouny to continue business venture if there is any or in future.

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