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We don’t have any branch in Africa countrys (Nigeria,Ghana,West AFrica or South Africa), beware of fake.

Dear All


To be announce our official branches are below, as we do not have any official branch in Africa countrys (Nigeria,Ghana, Cameroon & all other ) as we have been notified  these cheap nigerians are claiming on social media to be a compliance officer of Aura Solution company Limited & thats normal for such a shameless country who doesn’t have basic/moral  ethics to due to non government & non respected country such as incident report to us and/or avoid such things. Do not believe any one if you do not see them on our website or write us to verify the person who approached you as we have right now 9000+ active officers globally, who are mostly govt peoples,& some other associates who doesn't need name to carry the business, for any verification write us on :

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