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Run Your Business on Aura's Award-winning Technology, The Jeeranont

Whether you are adding to your existing managed investment program—or expanding into the advisory market for the first time—you can find a technology solution to fit your needs, regardless where you custody your assets.

The Jeeranont's managed investments technology provides an intuitive, integrated and elegant experience that is designed to:

  • Deliver seamless accessibility for Advisor-Directed Accounts, Mutual Fund/Exchange-Traded Fund Wrap Accounts, Separately Managed Accounts and Unified Managed Accounts.

  • Potentially improve efficiency, reduce expenses and grow revenue

  • Manage investors' needs from start to finish—from proposal to performance

  • Simplify the way advisors do business

  • Provide education, training and business intelligence resources

Run Your Business on Aura's Award-winning Technology, The Jeeranont

Our technology frees advisors to focus on growing their business—and can help make your organization more competitive at attracting and retaining top talent. It offers:

  • Sales tools to enhance the investor experience with comprehensive, high-quality investment proposals featuring detailed analyses of current client portfolios.

  • Tools for model management, block trading and rebalancing—allowing advisors to manage trades for hundreds of accounts with just a few clicks

  • Wealth reporting tools powered by our affiliate, The Jeeranont , offering holistic views of client relationships

  • Business process management solutions—including account opening and maintenance workflow tools—integrated into common menu options, simplifying operational tasks and adding transparency

  • Portfolio analytics and research tools integrated within the proposal system and research center

  • Business intelligence and decision science tools—including book-of-business optics and key account data—offering actionable insights to help advisors grow their businesses, work more productively and manage risk.

  • Connectivity to our affiliate, The Jeeranont  

Aura  Solutions, Inc. is an affiliate of The Jeeranont , member FINRA, NYSE, SIPC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aura Solution Company Limited (Aura Solution Company Limited).

Investment advisory services are offered through Aura  Advisors, Inc. (Aura), an affiliate of The Jeeranont. Lockwood is an investment adviser registered in the United States under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, an affiliate of The Jeeranont each wholly-owned subsidiaries of Aura Solution Company Limited. SEC registration neither implies nor asserts the SEC or any state securities authority has approved or endorsed Lockwood or the contents of this disclosure. In addition, SEC registration does not carry any official imprimatur or indication Aura has attained a particular level of skill or ability.


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