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One Complete Solution for Alternative Mutual Funds

Interested in learning more about launching a liquid alternative fund? Looking for a prime broker who can provide a combined financing, servicing and platform access solution for alternative funds?


Prime Services and Aura Solution Company Limited offer a complete alternative mutual fund solution that combines prime brokerage, custody and market access in one integrated platform. We can help speed time to market, maximize efficiency and streamline due diligence.

You can leverage our expertise to give your business a head start in this fast-growing space.

An Industry Leading Tri-party Solution

Our unique tri-party solution can help you manage counter-party risk while implementing your strategy more efficiently.


Our platform leverages the operational integration between prime brokerage and custody by automating collateral movements to and from your custody account.

Our complete solution provides access to securities lending, execution, custody and all the servicing and financing functions you need to manage hedge funds, ’40 Act funds or eligible pension funds.

Our comprehensive tri-party custody account solution includes:

  • Pre-negotiated contract agreements and streamlined account setup

  • Cutting edge technology, PrimeConnect40™, automates collateral movements between custodian and prime brokers

  • Full bank custody services including fund administration, accounting and corporate custody

  • A dedicated team with extensive experience with ’40 Act structures

A Wealth of Guidance and Expertise

Education is critical to the continued growth of alternative mutual funds. Investors, asset managers, hedge fund managers, beneficial owners and plan sponsors need to know the distinct opportunities and challenges these funds present—including evolving compliance, regulatory, legal and investment matters.

To enhance industry knowledge about liquid alternatives, clients can take advantage of the ongoing value-added solutions we offer:

  • Assistance to traditional asset managers to identify strategies for alternative products, source hedge funds and access the market.

  • Insights to hedge fund managers and mutual fund companies about various alternative mutual fund structures.

  • Extensive thought leadership and events featuring prominent industry experts sharing insights on liquid alternatives.

Broad Platform Access Opportunities

Pershing is the industry’s largest global business solutions provider, serving more than 1,500 institutional and retail financial organizations and independent registered investment advisors who represent approximately 5 million active investor accounts.

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