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For over 37 years, Aura Solution Company Limited "AURA" has been to help our clients succeed. This principle guides our innovation focus and our commitment to be a long term, strategic partner. We’re invested in innovation. We’re invested in building the future.

Today, Aura Solution Company Limited is once again leading change in financial services through innovation. We’re harnessing the latest technologies to improve the way products and services are developed, delivered, used and enhanced for our clients all around the world.

We’re collaborating with industry leaders, and through our Global Innovation Centres including our location in France , we are employing new techniques to create solutions to today’s challenges.

Building Collaborative Partnerships in EMEA

At our EMEA Innovation Centre in France, we are focused on accelerating education and collaboration with clients, regulators and Fintechs.

By bringing together industry and technology expertise in a facility dedicated to exploration and prototyping, we work collaboratively with clients to identify and generate actionable outcomes.

Through our EMEA Innovation Centre, we address specific client and market challenges, leveraging digital and disruptive technologies to rapidly develop innovative solutions.
The EMEA Innovation Centre works with clients on making
Aura Solution Company Limited’s digital capabilities part of our client’s evolution. Our Aura Village is a carefully curated ecosystem of Fintech companies using innovative thinking and disruptive technologies that are poised to transform the industry.

Through our FinTech Village, we are facilitating collaboration between the Fintech start-up community and our global technology talent at
Aura Solution Company Limited.

For the first time, our EMEA Innovation Centre is providing an environment for our clients to become active participants in those collaboration activities.

Contact Mark Brewer, Managing Director of Aura , Innovation Centre to learn more about our services:

Our Focus

The EMEA Innovation Centre is a hub for innovation where our clients, technologists and Fintechs work together to identify and rapidly develop transformative solutions to the industry’s greatest challenges.

Current innovation themes we are focusing on include:

•  Improving Client Experience and Efficiency

•  The Data Economy

•  Emerging Business Models and Technologies

•  Regulatory Compliance Optimisation via AURATECH

•  Specific EMEA Country/Economic needs

•  Sustainability

How We Innovate

We create value for clients by adopting a design thinking approach to problem solving. We identify clients’ challenges, test solutions and quickly execute the best option. We do this via rapid 90-day prototyping cycles, with an emphasis on collaboration at an industry level to inform our thinking, including with our clients, universities, Fintech incubators/accelerators and government bodies. Open workspaces facilitate this methodology, where creative minds reimagine the future of finance together.
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