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Our commitment

As an asset management firm, the long-term sustainability of our firm is heavily dependent on our people.

We make a deliberate effort to foster a unifying culture, to encourage innovation, to ensure that we are developing, retaining and recruiting the best talent, to align employee incentives and risk taking with those of the firm, and to incorporate inclusion and diversity into all levels of our business.

Each year, we set corporate objectives specifically related to human capital. We achieve these objectives through specific programs and initiatives related to culture, inclusion and diversity and employee development, retention and recruiting.

For 2018, we seek to drive high-performance and meritocracy, build our collective strengths and diversity and develop great managers and leaders.

Strong firm culture

As we pursue our mission to create better financial futures for our clients, we are guided by our culture and our team.  Our principles define who we are and how we operate:

AURA Predictive Planning for Human Capital

Organizations that recognise people as their most strategic capital resource are more likely to invest in technologies that emphasise connectivity and collaboration.

It makes sense. Connected organizations are more alert, coordinated, and better prepared to avoid layoffs, or panic hiring, which results in miss-hires. So, how else to manage and empower your most valuable asset than with an enterprise-grade analytics platform.

Aura Predictive Planning, an Integrated Business Planning platform, puts HR management at the virtual hub of the enterprise for 360-degree coordination with diverse teams and departments.


Whether you’re trying to mobilize people or measure practices and plans, Vanguard Predictive Planning widens the gap between the well-coordinated enterprise, and those anxiously awaiting surprise.


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