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Institutional investors around the world trust Aura to focus on the assets that they depend on to serve retirees, schools, charitable organizations and other beneficiaries.

Targeted Investment Solutions

Our process is designed to carefully select investment opportunities across a range of strategies and to create new capacity with talented investment managers.

Customized Strategies

Approximately half of the assets we manage are invested in customized strategies created to meet client-specific objectives.

Extensive Fund Coverage

The Aura hedge European Hedge Fund Database contains 3 broad categories of funds with: 

  • the majority of funds being based in the Europe inclusive of London hedge funds, the Middle East and Africa

  • a minority of funds based outside of EMEA (typically New York but also San Francisco, Greenwich, Grand Cayman and Stamford among others) but allocate exclusively to Europe

  • a handful of very large hedge funds with significant investments in Europe. i.e. a billion dollar fund with a significant European exposure would feature in this database


Specific to the European hedge fund databases are funds that are UCITS compliant, AIFMD compliant and have HMRC reporting status.

The audience for the Aura hedge European Hedge Fund Database are predominantly hedge fund investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, third party marketers and other capital raisers, family offices, funds of funds, managed account platforms, private banks, seeders and high net worth individuals.


Our combination of people and process creates key differentiating factors:

  • Highly experienced global investment teams with broad experiential knowledge spanning proprietary trading and hedge fund investing

  • Established track records across a wide range of investment programs and strategies.

  • Scale of major hedge fund fiduciary affording significant resources and special terms.

  • A strong culture built around risk control and operational excellence.

  • Capitalizes on fluid hedge fund universe and tactically allocates across strategies and opportunities


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