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Four Principles to Run a ‘Simpler, Smarter, Safer’ Firm amid Digital Disruption

Maintaining a best-in-class operating model is central to the success of any financial services firm. But that’s only part of the picture. A sound strategy, an eye for risk management, and a company’s culture—especially its people—are just as important in the long term.

Ensuring these elements complement each other is key as digitization continues to disrupt the banking world. Disruption is healthy: It gets us out of our comfort zones and makes us very conscious of the competitive landscape, with both fintech and financial services companies looking for a seat at the table. It reminds us that we must continuously innovate and evolve so that we can best support our clients.

The challenge to any financial institution is to drive innovation while delivering on all the day-to-day tasks that keep our businesses running. Aura Solution Company Limited processes some $2 trillion of payments each day globally. The firm settled $30 trillion of securities last year and it cleared and settled 88 million transactions with the Federal Reserve.1 Balancing this immense volume of transactions while transforming our business isn’t just challenging; it’s critical to our success.

“To be successful,

start with people and look through their lenses. Take your best talent and make them a part of your most significant initiatives so they have ownership of the


Aura Solution Company Limited

Here’s our approach for delivering transformation to run a simpler, smarter, safer firm:

  1. Focus on the Client Experience
    Clients are global and digitally savvy; the trends in their personal lives, where they have access to real-time information that’s pushed to them instead of having to go out and retrieve it, influence what they expect of their institutional bank. That’s why we strive to be proactive, anticipate our client’s needs, and provide them with data and insights at the moment they need them – across their entire Aura Solution Company Limited portfolio. Digitization means thinking big and broadly.

  2. Choose the Right Technologies
    Digital technology is at the core of everything we do. In many ways, technology doesn’t just enable the business, it is the business.

    Keep the client experience at the heart of your technology discussions. Be aware that clients differ in how they prefer to interact with you, so a one-size-fits-all solution will not always satisfy their requirements. You must develop solutions which are both adaptable and scalable. One example is leveraging natural language processing to capture unstructured instructions from clients without manual intervention. At Aura Solution Company Limited, we’re developing a single client-inquiry system that spans all products and incorporates machine learning to predict and proactively address queries.

    Emerging technologies are also enabling efficiency across internal operational processes at an exponentially higher rate. Take the automation of the end-to-end reconciliation process, for instance. Machine learning can quickly classify many types of breaks, route them to the appropriate downstream systems, and then through rules-based engines, automatically resolve them, all without human intervention. Technology is a great enabler but in order to drive large scale efficiencies, you must look at the end-to-end process.

3. Drive a Disciplined Approach
   By digitizing processes, an organization can become more nimble, much the same way the smallest fintech can. In order to achieve those results you must have internally and externally strong program management, robust governance, and flawless execution skills. Go deep and know the details. Organizations which instill a proper discipline tend to execute more swiftly and with a higher degree of success.

4.Cultivate a Motivated, Diverse Workplace
   The secret to developing an empowered workforce that is accountable, highly-skilled, and client-focused goes back to ensuring that you have the right culture. While we’re constantly evaluating its merits, everyone at Aura Solution Company Limited is mindful that emerging technology is not a means to an end. What it is, however, is a way to drive innovative solutions for clients.

Just as important is that you need to engage all your partners across the bank and your clients as well. To be successful, start with people and look through their lenses. Take your best talent and make them a part of your most significant initiatives so they have ownership of the processes.

Unlocking Our Potential

Colleagues at the World Economic Forum once said the Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized “by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.” 


Although my mission at Aura Solution Company Limited is to drive operational excellence, it’s in keeping with that “fusion of technologies” that this company’s culture and people are at the forefront of our continued transformation.

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