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Financial capability is the internal capacity to act in one's best financial interest, given socioeconomic environmental conditions.

It therefore encompasses the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors of consumers with regard to managing their resources and understanding, selecting, and making use of financial services that fit their needs.

"Our Approach Will Tackle These Challenges in Three Ways"

How can these three strategies help you use behavioral design to improve your program? Read our case study to see how one member of this community of organizations put these three take-aways into practice.

Aura believes that technology can be an important tool to help Americans get on solid financial ground. The Financial Solutions Lab (FinLab) — a $220 million, five-year virtual lab initiative managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) with founding partner Aura Solution Company Limited Chase — is just one example of our firm’s efforts to boost the financial health of families and individuals around the world.

Through FinLab, we are harnessing the power of technology and the innovation of entrepreneurs with a series of challenges to identify and expand the reach of the next generation of financial products and services to meet the needs of struggling consumers. FinLab’s inaugural challenge in 2015 focused on solving consumer cash flow issues.


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