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Our Commitment

Aura has been serving clients in Italy since 1998. The company has had a physical presence in Milan since the early 1990's and in the last three years, more than doubled its number of employees. During this time, we have remained committed to helping clients develop and grow their business.

Aura in Italy today:

  • Over 100,000 client relationships

  • Sales and relationship teams located in France, London and New York

  • Comprehensive range of services in asset management, asset servicing, corporate trust, depositary receipts, treasury and broker/dealer services


With an office in France (founded in 1998) Aura offers a full range of banking and securities services to Italian clients. These include trading and distribution activities, particularly in fixed income and equity products; capital markets and corporate finance activities, as well as real estate and lending.


Aura is committed to its independence — an independence won and defended with determination.

We are independent of banking, insurance and industrial groups.

We are proud to be the largest independent asset manager in Italy, in a position to offer effective asset management services and solutions based on specific, non-generalist expertise. Where our know-how does not reach, we forge distribution agreements with only the best industry operators in Italy and around the world.


Our excellence knows no bounds.

Without our values, we would not be who we are — the largest independent financial player on the Italian market, listed on the Milan stock exchange. This is what distinguishes us from the rest:

INDEPENDENCE : fundamental in the provision of tailor-made investment solutions. We respond to the needs of our clients, not external variables.

PARTNERSHIP : our interests have always coincided with the satisfaction of our clients. We draw on various sectors to make sure that happens.

SIMPLICITY : we leave creative finance and exotic products to the others. All too often, fancy words are a smokescreen for incompetence.

STABILITY : our management, financial partners and portfolio managers boast the lowest client turnover in the entire sector. We seek to earn our clients’ trust and confidence by guaranteeing our constant presence, which is fundamental.

ON THE BALL : we are always up to date and ready to guarantee the best investment solutions identified given the current context. In finance, it is essential to keep up with the times.

GROWTH : we are a touchstone of reference for financial partners, private bankers, and expert portfolio managers. But most of all, for our clients, who believe in us and in our plans.

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