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Do you have a purchase to make online? Or perhaps you have a sale to complete? Or perhaps you have a product to sell? Escrow can help you safely and securely protect all your online transactions. Many payment providers give no protection when you buy digital goods, but Escrow has it covered.

Contrary to popular belief, it is much safer to conduct your transaction online as everything is documented. There are no paper bills cluttering the transaction and there is an organised tracking method to follow the process of your money. Conducting online transactions with your Aura Solution Company Limited via Escrow page adds another layer of security between the buyer and seller whether you are using insurance services, commercial real estate lending or commercial banking.

So how does this online service, Escrow work?

Using Escrow could not be easier. All you need to know is the following steps:

  1. The buyer and seller has to agree on the set price and the terms of the transaction.

  2. The buyer completes the transaction, which is shown in the ‘Sale Completion’ area. At this point the buyer can choose Escrow as their preferred payment method for future transactions.

  3. Once the payment is verified, the seller will deliver the merchandise to the buyer. Aura  will verify that the Buyer has received the merchandise.

  4. The buyer has time to inspect the product and accept the service if they are pleased with the quality.

  5. The funds are released once both parties are satisfied.

Once you have created an account with Aura , making a transaction with your Aura Solution Company Limited through Escrow is quick and efficient. You will no longer have to worry about the transparency of your transaction. Through Aura , every time you log on to your account the status updates will let you know exactly where you are in the transaction process.

There are many ways to make your payments through Escrow including wire transfers, checks and money orders, credit cards and PayPal. Some methods do have additional feeds and a transaction maximum. Credit cards and PayPal are subject to a maximum of $5,000 while checks and money orders have a maximum of $20,000.

Are you looking to get in touch with someone in regards to Aura  services? No problem! Aura  is backed by experienced and knowledgeable escrow professionals. The staff is available to personally assist you with any concerns or needs that may arise. They offer live phone support Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and reply to emails usually within 12 hours.

Facilitated by a trusted third-party, the escrow process removes the risk from online transactions to ensure a safe, secure and intuitive sale for both buyers and sellers. What are you waiting for? Visit Aura  for a secure transaction today.

Escrow Service


Debt Capital Markets

To mitigate transaction risk, Aura Solution Company Limited offers Holdback accounts, enabling clients to place a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied. Holdbacks offer a way for the buyer to seek claims for false representations or breaches of warranty.

Aura Solution Company Limited will manage all claims on the account in accordance with the agreement terms.


Aura Solution Company Limited offers Good Faith Deposits, which hold a portion of the transaction purchase price in escrow to help buyers and sellers facilitate bidding and comply with regulations.


Aura Solution Company Limited can also distribute termination fees from the escrow funds if the transaction is cancelled.


Debt Capital Markets

We offer escrow solutions for corporate and private equity entities issuing bonds or receiving loans.

Bond and Loan Issuance

Aura provides corporate and private equity firms with escrows that segregate bond and loan proceeds and can be used for a variety of transactions, including construction projects or acquisitions. Aura's services can also help mitigate the risk of proceeds being used for unintended purposes.

Other Lending Services

Aura can hold assets in escrow as collateral for loans to help mitigate the risk of default for the lender.



Regulations in certain jurisdictions – such as the Takeover Codes of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom – require confirmation from the advisor in an M&A deal that resources are available to move the transaction forward. Aura Solution Company Limited provides the financial advisor the assurance that funds will be available and segregated throughout the duration of the offer.


Aura Solution Company Limited offers buyers escrow accounts for deposit of the full transaction purchase price to centralize funding sources and hold liquid funds before closing. We also provide a variety of services to facilitate the transaction:Closing Agent escrows – These escrows facilitate the exchange of the company stock from the seller for cash payments from the buyer.Paying Agent services – Aura Solution Company Limited disburses funds to the selling shareholders directly from an escrow account. We can efficiently manage all aspects of the process, from inspecting presentations and share certificates, to resolving issues and promptly paying shareholders.


bond & loan example


Proceeds placed in Escrow to:

  • Mitigate risk of M&A closing (or not closing) after the bond/loan issued

  • Make good faith deposits

  • Ring fence pending regulatory approval


Proceeds released from Escrow to:

  • Use for purchase, or

  • Return to investors/ Lenders (plus accrued/unpaid interest) if close does not go through



Funds place in Escrow to:

  • Hold coupon or interest payments per covenants/agreements.

  • Make payments to lenders, or to bond trustee for distribution to bond investors


Aura Solution Company Limited offers class action lawsuit and settlement appeal escrow solutions for corporate clients.


Class-Action Lawsuit

Aura Solution Company Limited can establish an escrow or "qualified settlement fund" at the conclusion of a class action lawsuit to hold the settlement amount on behalf of the defendants. We work closely with the claims administrator to initiate payments to the class members of the settlement.

Settlement Appeal

During the course of an appeals process, defendants may be asked by the courts to deposit some or all of the potential award into an escrow account. Aura Solution Company Limited offers escrows to hold these funds, giving plaintiffs and defendants the assurance that funds will be available upon the court ruling.

We offer a sophisticated level of in-country support along with foreign exchange services in 135 currencies.

A Global Network

When you execute global transactions with our Escrow Services team, you tap into an integrated network of escrow specialists in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America who have extensive experience in cross-border escrow solutions and can help you understand local nuances affecting your escrow transactions.


Responsive Service


To help reduce the complexity of cross-border escrow transactions, Aura Solution Company Limited  can provide dozens of standard contract templates – valid for a variety of jurisdictions and governing laws – that can be customised to specific structures.

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