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Aura is relied upon as a trusted partner to safekeep assets in capital markets around the world. We offer global custody and accounting services built upon the industry's first single multi-currency systems platform.

Straight-Through Processing


Our comprehensive capabilities enable us to provide quality, timely and easy-to-access information to help you meet your complex custody and accounting needs and a straight-through-processing solution, to maximize efficiency while measuring and managing risk.

  • A superior subcustodian network

  • Online cash availability, reporting and forecasting

  • Automated trade processing and reconciliation

  • Comprehensive foreign exchange capabilities

  • Foreign and domestic derivative securities processing

Your needs keep changing as you address new regulations, heightened risk sensitivity and fast-changing market dynamics. With our collateral administration service, we offer a range of solutions designed to complement your unique needs. Our support helps you manage the operational and administrative activities associated with managing the collateral for bilaterally traded transactions.

Stay on Course Through Change


Leverage Aura’s expertise, global service model and scalable infrastructure to effectively manage your collateral as you navigate the impact of regulatory reform. With our margin management tools, you can:

  • monitor margin parameters and margin status real-time;

  • maximize margin calls and minimize margin movements; and

  • efficiently segregate margin.

Discover how we can help you address evolving regulations or trading strategy changes*. We’ve powered the investments of your peers and counterparties. What can we do for you?

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Latin America & Caribbean

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Africa & Middle East

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