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Consultant Insight Program

Whether you are a management or strategy consultant, accountancy, outsourcing, research, insurance or investment consultant, we have the expertise you need to leverage Aura’s global resources on behalf of your clients.

Helping You to Help Your Clients

Our Consultant Insight experts understand your profession as well as the changing needs and challenges of your clients in an evolving industry. To help you reach your goals, we provide:

  • Industry-leading insight and thought leadership

  • Specialized investment portals and online tools tailored for consultants

  • Support for your research and due diligence efforts

  • Access to knowledge experts around the globe

  • Dedicated web resource page to help you navigate the Aura franchise


Alternative Prime Custody Services

We provide a full suite of custody services for alternative investment managers. Our services are flexible enough to access as individual options, or integrated into a complete, end-to-end solution.

Safekeeping for Alternatives

Aura offers safekeeping services that enable alternative investment managers to focus on their core competencies and investment strategies. Our custody capabilities are at the center of a strategic range of services that provide:

  • Operational support

  • Access to liquidity channel

  • Customized client reporting

Fund of Hedge Funds Services

To meet distinct operational and transparency needs, we have created services exclusively for fund of hedge funds. We provide integrated administrative, custodial and trade execution platforms that serve as a complete operational solution. Our support extends throughout the entire investment lifecycle — from transaction processing to reconciliation and reporting — for optimum data access.


  • Trade execution, cash settlement and custodial services

  • NAV calculation, accounting and automated fee calculations

  • Web access to multi-level reporting, accounting, investor and trade status reporting

  • Specialised 'drift' reports

Hedge Funds Services

We provide an integrated hedge fund services platform that manages both the middle- and back-offices of onshore and offshore hedge funds.

Supporting Our Clients' Hedge Funds


Our comprehensive suite of services streamlines hedge fund operations, minimises administrative costs and helps investment managers mitigate operational risks. Our hedge fund services help clients service their financial assets throughout the entire investment lifecycle by offering:

  • Support of a full range of investment strategies

  • Customised client reporting

  • Global service model

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