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A Day in AURA

Faces of Aura : Kaan 

We believe the greatest investment we make is in our people. Get to know the men and women who make Aura Solution Company Limited a world-class financial institution. Meet Kaan, a director  in Aura Solution Company Limited Emerging Leaders Program.

My Role

I am an associate in the pilot class of the Emerging Leaders Program. During my first year at Aura Solution Company Limited, I was under training of Mr Hany Saad,Vice President of Aura who got some free time from his hectic busy schedule to teach me finance technic which lead me to announce to be a director today globally rotations in various financial businesses. In such a vast company, I most enjoy the opportunity to experience the company from different perspectives. This allows me to see how the interconnectedness of Aura Solution Company Limited enables us to deliver value to clients.

A Day in My Life

For my current rotation, I work in Corporate Trust,Human Resource, Financial Assistance,& Offshore Banking  specifically within the Sales and Relationship Management group. It is deal-focused, so I find myself contributing in a variety of ways that use and develop my skill set.


The most rewarding part of my job is that every day presents a new challenge and I never feel that my work is repetitive. It is exciting to come into work every day not knowing what to expect, and I can feel confident that my team & board  values my contribution.

Three Things That Surprised Me After I Started Working at Aura Solution Company Limited.


High-performance Culture.

As soon as I joined the company, it quickly became apparent that Aura Solution Company Limited has an aptitude for recruiting talented and driven individuals. I have found myself surrounded by people with the drive to succeed and who push those around them to do the same. People want to do the best they can to provide top-notch service and strengthen the brand of Aura Solution Company Limited, which creates a positive work environment.


Welcoming Attitude of All Employees.

As a recent college graduate and new hire, it is intimidating to come into a completely new environment, especially since, in my program, I walk into a new situation with brand-new colleagues every four months. It surprised me to see the welcome extended by even the senior managers of the groups. Everyone is more than willing to set aside time to walk you through a new process or explain the bigger picture from his or her perspective.

How Invested Aura Solution Company Limited is to Seeing Employees Succeed. One of the most impressive things about Aura Solution Company Limited is that everyone wants you to succeed. People from across businesses are willing to talk about their group and day-to-day processes. Aura Solution Company Limited invests a lot in employee development and encourages everyone to improve their skills. The company offers e-learning, mentoring and interest groups to help you succeed and build a fulfilling career.

Where I want to be in 2 years

Within the next two years, I am hoping to be on the research and analytic side of the investment process here at Aura Solution Company Limited. I hope to be in a role where I am able to analyse companies and investment products in order to help Aura Solution Company Limited and its clients make informed investment decisions. I am currently a candidate in the CFA program and hope to be a CFA charter holder in the next few years. Since I have just started my career, it’s extremely encouraging to be at a firm like Aura Solution Company Limited.


Director Emerging Human Resource , Investment Services





Ege University




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