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Enhanced practice management

The case for combining active and passive strategies

We provide a comprehensive array of marketing and practice management resources, comprehensive programs and personalised support to help you manage and grow your business.

We can help differentiate your firm and optimize your strategies for driving growth, optimising human capital, maximising operational efficiency and managing risk.


We bring a unique combination of ideas and a commitment to helping you execute on these ideas and boost productivity, capitalize on new trends and attract and retain new assets.

Marketing Center Provides Cutting-edge Marketing and Communication Technologies

Pershing’s Marketing Center is your destination for relevant and engaging advisor programs, turnkey marketing content and automated marketing and communication tools. Marketing Center also has a wide-ranging library of professional marketing and practice management materials.

You can also extend your brand by using our online customization tools that will apply branding and personalization to your print and digital communications.

Automate Digital Engagement and Analytics With Vestorly

Through Marketing Center, clients receive preferred pricing and integrated access to Vestorly.

Vestorly is an innovative, third-party solution that helps financial professionals enhance their Web and social presence with fresh content and a modern feel. Vestorly also can increase client and prospect engagement and deliver insight into how audiences interact with their content.

Vestorly provides:

  • Content curation from a vast number of publishers and news spanning the Web

  • Distribution of content through branded emails, website feeds and social media posts

  • Usable data reporting to understand trending content topics; see who in your audience is engaged and capture identities of prospective clients

Guidance for Growing and Managing Your Business

What's your strategy to grow and manage your business? Our experts in practice management, marketing and other key disciplines can help you find the right solution to reach your goals.

Aura's seasoned consulting team includes former financial advisors, senior professionals from leading advisory firms and experienced marketing and business consultants. Our clients rely on our decades of experience serving thousands of financial businesses to help inform their strategies for success.

You can engage with our consultants in multiple ways—receive guidance for implementing one of our advisor programs, attend a Aura event or practice management forum, or online through our  webcasts.

Put Our Insights to Work for You

Our experts can help you stay on top of trends and put new ideas into action:

  • Refine your business development strategies

  • Articulate your unique value proposition

  • Expand your wealth management capabilities

  • Create a culture of referrals

  • Attract and retain top talent, and map out career paths for team members

  • Develop client communication strategies and materials

  • Leverage client feedback and refine your client experience

  • Offer compelling events and enriching education for your clients

  • Create a compelling and compliant digital presence

  • Manage critical transitions in your business

Already working with Aura? To learn more, visit the Marketing Center in NetX360®, attend a Aura event or speak to your Relationship Management Team.

Active management risk

Executive summary. Today, many financial advisors are moving to a fee-based practice model, away from the traditional commission-based model.

One implication of this transition is that advisors may face a greater business impact when clients decide to pull assets or terminate a relationship because of underperformance versus common market indexes.

This “client risk” exists because it’s often short- to intermediate-term performance that can make or break an account, even if the client is positioned as a long-term investor. Mitigation of this client risk is an often-overlooked benefit of adding broad-based passively managed investments—index funds or ETFs— to a portfolio primarily comprising actively managed funds.

Testing an ideal portfolio

To demonstrate some often-overlooked challenges of utilizing actively managed funds, we created an extreme example. We built an equal-weighted portfolio composed of the 20 best-performing actively managed equity mutual funds for the 15 years through December 2011.


Over those15 years, this portfolio would have outperformed the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index by 6.3 percentage points annually after fund costs— representing the extreme in excess returns delivered to the client.


Of course, creation of such a portfolio would require perfect foresight; it does not reflect the very real challenges of selecting winning managers. For example, of the 1,392 actively managed equity funds that were available on January 1, 1997, 631 (45%) had disappeared by the end of 2011, either merged or liquidated, and another 410 (29%) underperformed

the U.S. stock market for the 15 years. That leaves 351 funds that survived and outperformed, a 26% success rate.

The challenge for both the client and the advisor involves not only the long run—for instance,

enduring a 15-year period in which only 26% of funds survive from the start and outperform—but also the short term, when even the best long-term portfolio can fall significantly short of the market. For example, over the 12 months through October 1998, our “Top 20” portfolio trailed the index by more than 15 percentage points. And for the 12 months through December 2011, the portfolio lagged by more than 5 percentage points.

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